Welcome Back Potter Season 2


Welcome Back Potter is a renovation TV series, in which a lot of celebrities will take part. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2016 and now we are ready to present the second one. The Welcome Back Potter 2 Season release date is the 8th of November in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors will be really amazing and here a lot of talented people will appear. Among them we must name the following:

  • Jessica Brokaw.
  • Kerry Brokaw.
  • Nancy Brokaw.
  • Brigette Corcoran-Brokaw.
  • Monica Potter.

The editor of the serial is James Pickel.


Here you will see a great example of renovation and here in the Main role you will see the square with a great space. Here nobody lives for 5 years and now the Main role of this people is to make a construction and to estimate the changes, which will make the construction look like a new. Here the woman, who was led by Potter, will make the decisions and she understood, that it wouldn’t be so easy for each of the person. The walls of the construction are rather bad and the floor is also changed. But, as for the home, here we can say, that it is transformed into a modern and now it is a good place to invite the guests.

Here you will see the memories of the spirits and they help people to make family gathers and to feel love and respect to each other. In the house, where there wasn’t a good place a good work was made. And you will have a great opportunity to realize, that everything is changed in our lives and sometimes you just need to do something special.


If you also buy the house and you want to make a renovation, you must watch this serial and estimate its plot. Here you will listen to the greatest ideas and you will understand, that the process of renovation can last for a long time. But if there is a correct approach for it, there wouldn’t be any problems.

If you want to watch the new episode and to spend your time with the greatest company, you can do it at any suitable time for you. The delightful company of Actors will give you a chance just to see the serial and calm down.

This information will be really important when you will need to name the season air date. 

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