Warden`s Way Season 1 Release Date

Warden's Way Season 1 Release Date


If you are interested in criminal/drama/thriller TV series then look no further since you can catch up with Warden’s Way made by Eric Ramos and the team of Stark Element Films.

As it is expected, Warden’s Way season 1 release date will happen in the end of 2016 or the very beginning of 2017. The project will be released on dicks, but surely there is no nay news about Warden’s Way season 1 release date on Bluray and DVD.


Creators of Warden’s Way season 1 are Bobbi Callis and Erick Ramos. In the first episode you will be able to see the acting of Eric Ramos himself as a Cellmate. Currently there are no details about the participation of other actors in this project.


For a considerable length of time, society has endured a legal framework where the blameless serve time and murders are sans set on details. However, one most extreme assurance Warden has built up an offbeat method for managing the infringing pandemic.

Interesting Facts

  • Every episode of Warden’s Way will last for about 60 minutes;
  • The creators of the show promise to reveal the secrets hidden among the real warden whose prototypes are used in Warden’s Way season 1 premiere;
  • The audience that is allowed to watch Warden’s Way are adults from 18-49 years, since the violence and the gore scenes will be included to the episodes.

 What is your personal opinion about Warden’s Way season 1 premiere – do you like to watch another crime TV series and what do you want to see in a really good criminal drama aired on TV?

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