War and Peace Season 2

Some works of world literature are not just great, they are eternal, and history will always remember them. Filming of such masterpieces is a big responsibility, but the authors from Britain and the United States that were not afraid to do it, and almost a year ago presented their joint version of the adaptation of the world famous novel by Lev Tolstoy, the outstanding Russian classics. A short series on BBC One channel turned out to be very dynamic and interesting, and it is no wonder that after its completion public is worried very much about the same issue: is War and Peace coming back for season 2? Release date of the next part of this epic story hasn’t been mentioned yet, and there are many skeptics who don’t believe in the release of the next season premiere. Anyway, all the details regarding possible new episode are likely to be announced only in 2017, and everything which is remained is just waiting for the renewed show to return.

Creators and Authors

This series is quite short and consists of six episodes; the first season release date was presented on January 3, 2016, and the last episode on February 7, 2016.
War and Peace Season 2 date release

The director of War and Peace is Tom Harper, and the script was written by Andrew Davies, who is also an executive producer of the series. His colleagues who also develop the project and work a lot for the next season air date to be presented soon are:

  • Robert Walak;
  • Faith Penhale;
  • Bethan Jones;
  • Harvey Weinstein;
  • Simon Vaughan.

The companies producing the latest season of War and Peace are BBC Worldwide / Lookout Point, The Weinstein Company and one more. The channel which is sure to broadcast the following season start in case of renewal is BBC One.
War and Peace Season 2

Plot Review and Cast

The plot of the story is based on Tolstoy’s great novel and tells 5 Russian families living in the times of the war with France. In six episodes the creators have managed to present a short story revealed in the novel, and they’ve made it rather successfully.The cast of the series includes such vivid actors as:

  • Lily James (plays the role of Natasha Rostova);
  • Jessie Buckley (the actress presents Marya Bolkonskaya);
  • Paul Dano (a bright Pierre Bezukhov);
  • James Norton (his character is Andrei Bolkonsky) and others.

War and Peace Season 2

Critics’ and Viewers’ Feedbacks

The audience is still unaware of when new season two debuts. Despite some critics’ opinions concerning too improbable adaptation with an exaggerated sexual context, a great number of viewers have appreciated the authors’ idea. Looking at the series rating on IMDB (8.2/10) one can say with confidence that this version is worth watching. There hasn’t been any finale decision about the renewal. So stay tuned to know if War and Peace will be renewed or not.

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