War and Peace Season 2

Grounded on the eponymous epic novel by Lev Tolstoy, the serial under the title “War and Peace” has been already released specifically its first season. But as the matter stands we cannot possibly hope for the resumption of the series as the story depicted in the novel has been already put into the serial in its entity. So the creators have nothing to bring to light in terms of this brilliant Russian masterpiece.

Quick outline of the series

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If you are acquainted with the classical novels of the world literature, you should know what the basis for the serial under the title “War and Peace” is. The TV adaptation of the story written by a crashing Russian writer named Lev Tolstoy is considered to be a project of the entire range of fabrication companies from all over the world, as for instance BBC Cymru Wales, The Weinstein Company and BBC Worldwide / Lookout Point.
As for the certain names of the series creators, they are Tom Harper (the director) and Andrew Davies (the developer of the scenario). The serial itself is composed in particular of 6 episodes.
The performance crew seems to be chosen quite scrupulously including Paul Dano, Lily James, James Norton, and Jessie Buckley.
The airing was held primarily on the British channel BBC One at the very beginning of January 2016 and then was put to airing on the American TV networks including A&E, Lifetime and History Channel. The serial itself is composed of 6 episodes.
It is also held for broadcasting in other European countries, and also in Canada and Australia.
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Plot summary

The story is obviously well-known to Russian people not to the representatives of other nationalities. That’s why it is needed to give it a summary. So the novel and the series chronicle the lives of memories of the aristocratic families during the war of Russians with Napoleon.
The main names you should keep in mind while watching the serial are Pierre Bezukhov, Natasha Rostova, Andrei Bolkonsky, and Marya Bolkonskaya.

How was the story by Russian author accepted by the English-speaking viewers?

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This multipart picture has turned to make headway on BBC receiving a practically unanimous appraisal from critics throughout the world. The serial won over about 6 million people of a steady viewership per episode. Such ratings are also referred to the broadcasting in the USA. What the serial was bashed for, however, was the exaggerated level of erotica in the story that had been not peculiar for the novel and a smooth narration with the creators’ attempts to cram the long narrative into six episodes.
There is no information about the War and Peace season 2 release date. And moreover, there is no essence to wait for it in fact as the story is over with the release of the final episode. The novel was adapted in its entity. But there should exist a hope that BBC is aiming to extend such a marvelous idea of giving the great world novels a new life in the form of their TV variants.


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