Wanted Season 2

Unfortunately, the story under the title “Wanted” is waiting for the decision of the creators about its fate. However, we keep abreast of the deployments and news coming from the official resources.

Brief review

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The serial presents a television drama by Australian production. The home channel is reckoned to be Seven Network. The premiere of the series has been held recently, to be more concrete in the beginning of February this year.
The inspiring leader of the drama show is the duo consisted of Rebecca Gibney and Richard Bell. The production studio is considered to be Matchbox Productions in collaboration with R&R Productions. The team of executive producers consists of Tony Ayres, Rebecca Gibney, and Julie McGauran.
As far as the principal acting cast is concerned, it includes the leader of the project Rebecca Gibney, Stephen Peacocke, and Geraldine Hakewell. The premiere chapter is made up of six full episodes. It should be also mentioned that the story has its specific genre – action thriller show. That’s why it’s not for kids and people with a weak heart.

Plot summary

The story revolves around two women who are strangers to each other. For about a year they have had only one thing is common. And this thing is a bus stop. They have never communicated before just standing at the same bus stop and waiting for the bus to come. However, one brilliant day, they turned to be involved in the rapid succession of events becoming the principal suspects in a murder.
Wanted Season 2 Rebecca Gibney The fate brought them to the Australian road for driving in a car overflow with money. Surely, they are chased by a large number of people who want to find them and have certain intentions about the bucks in their car. During this adventure, they are to conceive their true essence of life and change it for good. Thus, the story is quite captivating and now le’s take a look at the ratings the first season has received.

What is about ratings and can we hope for the second season to be brought to our screens?

Let’s clear it somehow. The thing is that the reviews from critics and the votes and commentaries from the common viewers have created a very pleasing picture of the high rating of the series.  And let’s turn to the exact numbers. So the rating can be valued in practically 2 million viewers and it seems to be growing from episode to episode. Thus, it is doing well.
However, the Wanted season 2 release date as well as the information about its possible renewal are considered to be very unclear things. The developers are still to decide the fate of the series with a great acting, by the way.
Currently, the broadcasting is not over. We have still Lola and Chelsea. We watch how their relationship develops, so hopefully we have in store some episodes. That’s why there is no reason for beating the alarm that there is no continuation of the story possible. However, we highly recommend to you to stay tuned with us in order to be notified about the second season details timely.


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