WAGS Season 3

WAGS Season 3 Release Date


WAGS is a reality TV serial, which was created in America. The season premiere was in the year of 2015, but now we want to present the continuation of the Story – the third season. The WAGS 3 Season release date is the 19th of November in the year of 2016.


That serial wouldn’t present you the huge cast of Actors, but here you must notice the following people in cast:

  • Olivia Pierson.
  • Barbie Blank.
  • Natalie Halcro.
  • Nicole Lynn Williams.
  • Natalie Lynn Williams.
  • Natalie Halcro.
  • Autumn Ajirotutu.
  • Sasha Gates.
  • Maryse Mizanin.
  • Tia Shipman.

The producers are Hoot Maynard, Libby Niles, Nicole Danielle, Amber Mazzola, and Samantha Schnitzer. The cinematographer is Jim Wright. Among the editors we must mention Christina Miranda, Kellie Alisa Cunningham, Luis Alonso Meza, Christina Fontana, Ian Morabito.


If you have ever seen the “Real Housewives”, that show will be really amazing for you. Here you will have an opportunity to see fancy cars, endless shopping, and vacations, which are full of extravagant measures. This manufactured drama will present you a group of woman, that is full of glamor and they have no secure in their lives. Sometimes these women feel insecure because they have no men in their lives.

This serial will introduce you, that love plays a very important role in the life of different people. This one season help you to estimate, what family is and what must you do have a big and happy family.


If you like to see the serials with reality episodes, this one will be the best. Here you will see the serial, in which the greatest events took place. Each day the following characters try to live in such manner, as they like. Their Main idea is to spend day by day with shopping and with each other.

The relations of best friends are clearly shown here, so you will be satisfied with it. Such serial will be the most Interesting for young ladies and women of different ages.

The running time of one new episode is 43 minutes, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to find a free time for it. When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below.

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WAGS Season 3 3

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