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WAGS Miami Season 2 Release Date


WAGS Miami is a reality serial with documentary elements, which was produced in America. The season premiere was on October this year and a lot of estimates it at all. Here you will see the stories of the beautiful girls and the second season will be more Interesting, than the first. The WAGS Miami 2 Season release date is the 19th of November in the year of 2016.


If we talk about the cast, here we must mention the most talented people, which make this serial more Interesting and outstanding:

  • Astrid Bavaresco.
  • Vanessa Cole.
  • Darnell Nicole.
  • Ashley Nicole Roberts.
  • Claudia Sampedro.
  • Metisha Schaefer.
  • Hencha Voigt.

Among the executive producers, it is important to mention Amber Mazzola and Lori Gordon.


First of all, it is important to present you, what the word WAGS means. It is an acronym for girlfriends and wives of the sports stars. And here the serial is centered on them. In the Main roles, you will see 7 women, who live with the outstanding sportsmen.

The first season of the serial includes Astrid Bavaresco, Hencha Voigt, Darell Nicole, Vanessa Cole, Ashley Nicole Roberts, Claudia Sampedro, Misha Schaefer. The second season will present you the same cast of people and you will have an opportunity to know more facts about them.

Here in the center of attention, you will see their personal and professional lives and that show is focused on the difficulties, which they have in their lives. If you think, that it is so easy to be the wife of the sportsman, you will know the truth. Such a lifestyle has its own advantages and disadvantages and you will see all of them.

Besides, we must pay attention, that from time to time their boyfriends and husbands will appear. Among them, we will name Mike Wallace, Reshard Jones, Philip Wheeler, Julius Peppers, Larry English.


The related show to the presented is WAG Nation, so you can see it, if necessary. The running time of each new episode is approximately 43 minutes, so you can watch it every day.

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