W/ Bob and David Season 2 Release Date

W/ Bob and David Season 2 Release Date


W/Bob and David season 2 is a sequel to the well-known project that was reborn several times, so that all viewers are very happy and the fans. The Main characters of the show popular and famous Actors all Super Bob, that appeared in such TV series as Breaking Bad and David, starred in many cult series such as Better Call Saul. But for the past few years, the Actors worked in this sketch show. As soon as this project went on the screens, he threw a challenge and many are non-standard and unusual idea.

W/Bob and David season 2 release date was scheduled by Netflix for autumn of 2016. There is not an exact date for now.  Also there are no facts about W/Bob and David season 2 release date on DVD and Bluray.


In W/Bob and David you will see such Actors as David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, John Ennis, Jay Johnston and Brian Posehn.


Two comedians Bob & David emerge from the time machine they entered sixteen years ago  & are reunited with the cast of Mr. Show. The fact that the plot is the modern political life of the country, the heroes and leading without fear ridicule of politicians, culture, science and a lot of things that cause them concern. For each show written your script, jokes are always fresh and fun.

Interesting Facts

Previously W/Bob and David was called as Mr. Show with Bob and David – the show chaned few titles through the hiStory of its existence;

  • Due to its bold approach to the plot and the magnificent acting this TV show was four times nominated for different British and U.S. awards;
  • Provissiero Entertainment, Brillstein Entertainment Partners will continue to develop and produce W/Bob and David season 2 premiere.;
  • W/Bob and David season 1 premiered on Netflix on November 13, 2015;
  • This sketch show encounts 4 half-hour episodes and one hour-long Behind the Making of the Scenes episode about making this show so original and interesting.

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Mr Show S02E00 The Best Of Mr Show

W/ Bob & David – Trailer – Netflix [HD]

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