“The Voice” Season 10


"The Voice" (Season 10, release date – March 1, 2016) is a unique talent show, where you will see the most talented vocalists of the United States. In the show, you will find many excellent performances, beautiful songs and new talents.

The unique musical project «The Voice» won unprecedented popularity. Similar shows have appeared in many countries, and all thanks to a hitherto unknown method for the selection of participants. The jury assessed the participants only for their talent. They do not see the participants, but only hear their voices. Thus, participation in the project allowed only to the most talented people, regardless of their age and the external parameters. It is only the voice of the participant that plays a role, and nothing distracts attention from it. Famous musicians play the role of judges and looking for the very voice of America.


In season 10, we will meet with the already familiar celebrities from eighth season. Here we will see:

  • Pharrell Williams,
  • Christina Aguilera,
  • Adam Levine,
  • Blake Shelton


The idea of popular reality talent show «The Voice» finally moved beyond their native Netherlands and, breaking through the efforts of producers, Carson Daly and Alison Heyslip, found its reflection in America! Now the opportunity to compete in skill appeared among western singers! TV program "Voice of America" promises to gather the best and only the most worthy candidates for participation in the competition and give one of them the opportunity to become the owner of 100 thousand dollars. And get a contract with the prestigious record company «Universal Republic». At the scene of the famous show will leave the residents of eight major US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and Chicago, to actually prove their right to the meteoric rise and the listeners’ attention. The selection and training of the participants will carry out such famous artists as Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton and leader of the group «Maroon 5» Adam Levine. The grandiose contest will show how to become stars!

You will enjoy an unforgettable show. A lot of talented people will take part in the new season. Definitely, you should see this amazing contest.


10 season was released in early 2016, but continuation is not long in coming, and now 11 season is released. The number of trainers includes Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton.

12 season is also just around the corner. It was learned that one of the coaches of this part will be unmatched Gwen Stefani.

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