Vikings Season 5 Release Date

Vikings Season 5 Release Date


HiStory Channel presented the great show, which for the past four seasons, leaves no one indifferent millions of viewers from different countries. This historical series narrates the adventures and wanderings of the legends of his time – the great Scandinavian warrior called Ragnar Lothbrok.

According to ancient Norwegian legends, Ragnar it is a direct descendant of the greatest Valhalla’s god Odin. This courageous and absolutely fearless warrior yearns to explore the new lands of Britain. He wants to become the king of the Viking tribes. Legendary warrior faithfully observe all the traditions of their country. He boldly looks at all the trials that will fall to him in his travels.

If the HiStory Channel will extend its project, the premiere of the season will take place in 2017. Vikings season 5 release date has been announced for February of 2017. The release date of Vikings season 5 on Bluray and DVD will probably happen in summer of 2017.


In Vikings season 5 premiere you will see new Actors – Peter Franz?n, Jasper P??kk?nen and Dianne Doan, whose was seen in the series Once Upon a Time. Peter Franz?n will play the role of Harald Fairhair, Jasper P??kk?nen appear as his younger brother Halfdan.

The leading roles will reMain the same – Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Katheryn Winnick, Gabriel Byrne, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gustaf Skarsgard, Jefferson Hall, George Blagden and others.


Initially Vikings season 5 premiere was conceived as a screen adaptation of the ancient sagas that tell of the Viking raids on medieval England. The Main character was supposed to be the leader of the Vikings – a Ragnar Lothbrok who, as legend has it, was a direct descendant of Odin. However, the semi-legendary Ragnar considered the person, his life is known not so much, so the writers had a certain freedom of action. So there are other characters on the show. For example, it’s weird, but at the same time, a very talented master of the ship’s Flock.

And that it is Ragnar’s brother is Rollo. It is interesting that, apparently, is just this character was a real prototype, which chronicles called Hrolf. According to legend, he participated in the conquest of France, namely that part which is now called Normandy after the Vikings, who came from the North. So that was the ancestor Hrolf already quite real historical person – William the Conqueror, who managed to conquer Britain, and completely change the course of hiStory.

Interesting Facts

  • As you know, in the past few years, the Scandinavian theme in the movies is a trend. The attention of the public attracted Scandinavian television projects – for example, the series The Bridge and Killing, the creativity of Swedish and Norwegian mythology was leaked even in the movie adaptation of the Marvel comic books about Thor. In the wake of this interest the Canadian-Irish historical series The Vikings season 5 premiere was shot. And he immediately became popular far beyond the borders of these countries;
  • Unlike with many other projects, the creators of Vikings season 5 are trying to adhere to historical accuracy. So, some interest was provoked by authentic Viking tattoos ? However, the tattoos were the common practice among the Celts and Slavs and Vikings – from all the tribes of the pagan pre-Christian Europe;
  • So the creators of the series, which strictly monitor compliance with costumes and weapons of the spirit of the era, in this case did not sinned against the truth. Especially that many Vikings tattoos in the series are associated with the mythology – such as the werewolf Fenrir and Ragnarok (the analogue of the Christian Apocalypse). Here and there, of course, the creators had to rely solely on the design assumptions – there are not many details about what kind of clothes worn by the Vikings at that time or what hairstyle would be the soldiers;

Curiously, the show hired mostly Irish Actors. But Flock is played by the Swedish actor Gustaf Skarsg?rd (the son of the famous actor Stellan Skaarsgard and the brother of Alexander Skaarsgard). That he had to train other Actors of the correct pronunciation of many words. But fencing had to be taught to all without exceptional performers;

  • In Vikings season 5 premiere there are often used the natural locations instead of fake decorations (according to some estimates – up to 70% of the footage). However, they are filmed not in Sweden but in Ireland;

In March 2015, the HiStory Channel has announced that the series renewed for the fourth season consisting of 16 episodes.

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