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The History channel is going to show the fifth season of the beloved story about the ancient tribes known as Vikings. Now we are in possession of four seasons. The latter is now on air and meanwhile, the creators are dealing with the production of the following chapter. As of now, the Vikings’ fifth season premiere date is still unknown but it is confirmed to come out at the end of 2016.

Some information about the series

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First of all, let’s talk about the director of this project. His name is Michael Hirst. Together with his team, he is creating a story about the common days of ancient Northern people who, as you have probably guessed, were the Vikings. A story unfalteringly true to life.
It’s worth note that the interest in historical dramas has quite unexpectedly increased during the past few years. The European filming industry mainly focuses on the Scandinavian theme. People seem to address their historical roots nowadays, so why not? The cultural traditions of the pre-Christian epoch are a matter of great interest for many viewers. The project “Vikings” is an extra proof of this phenomenon. Moreover, the series has received approval not only in Europe but also in the whole world.
The premiere date of the first episode on the History channel occurred back in 2013. This year, particularly in the middle of February, we had a chance to watch the latest, fourth, chapter.
And finally, let’s discuss the leading actors who have been participating in the filming of the project. The principal acting cast includes such celebrities as Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, and Gustaf Skarsgard.

The true-to-life depicting of a historical epoch

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The time period referred to in the series is the era of the Vikings. It is no secret they were considered enemies of Christianity, after all, they were ethnically pagan.
The creators of the show seem to have immersed deeply into the cultural peculiarities of these tribes. Thanks to that, the credibility of the narrative is very high-level. And don’t only we mean the depiction of the storylines but also the tiniest historical details that add a lot of weight to the story and create an atmosphere of that cruel epoch the viewers are going to immerse.
The true-to-life way of the story is achieved mainly by not adding frippery things considered usual practice in the filming industry of today. For example, the bloody rites or the tattoos that can be seen on some characters were a common practice in pagan pre-Christian Europe.
Truly, the creators of the series made their best in order to create the authentic narrative. It is a very curious fact that the price for such an authentic story is over $40 million.

Is the renewal possible?

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Of course, it is. In the middle of the previous month, the developers officially announced the future launch of the fifth chapter of the project. However, there is no confirmed exact data concerning the Vikings season 5 release date so far, other than it’s scheduled for 2017. Keep track of the situation in order to be the first one who gets to know the fifth season release date and other interesting details about the series.


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