Vice Season 5

Tired of looking for some fresh facts on the upcoming seasons of Vice? Lost in millions of links leading to nowhere? We’re constantly searching for new updates about the possible and officially approved future broadcasts. Check this out if you’re looking forward to the 5th season of Vice Emmy Award-winning series!

General Overview

Vice documentary project became one of the greatest TV hits in the USA. It is broadcast by HBO network. The creator and the owner of the original idea is Shane Smith from Vice magazine. Shane Smith is a talented and experienced journalist from Canada. He’s also a web-entrepreneur. Smith also acts as the executive producer of VICE series. Among the other executive producers are Bill Maher, Eddy Moretti, BJ Levin and Fareed Zakaria. The first episode of Vice showed up on the 5th of April 2013.
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Trust us – Vice is something that you’ll truly want to watch! So what about the 5th season? Scroll down to get more.

Plot and Crew Details

Vice is a unique documentary series that follows different events in a newsmagazine stories format. They cover a lot of groundbreaking news and events from small political conflicts to acts of terrorism and corruption. The subjects chosen for the series include assassinations of politicians, illegal manufactures of weapon, suicides, synthetic drugs, genetically modified food, anti-immigrant laws, kidnappings, politics of Pakistan and India and Chinese specific laws and strict policies. The second season of the show received the 2014 Emmy Award. It’s truly an outstanding series with engrossing style.
The crew:

  • Shane Smith
  • Suroosh Alvi
  • Thomas Morton
  • Ben Anderson
  • Vikram Gandhi
  • Isobel Yeung
  • Gianna Toboni
  • Hamilton Morris
  • Kaj Larsen
  • Ahmed Shihab-Eldin
  • Bill Maher
  • Eddy Moretti
  • Fareed Zakaria
  • BJ Levin

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Facts and More

  • Shane’s explorations a truly surprising. One of the most shocking explorations was the way that some common diseases can defeat cancer.
  • Vice received very mixed reviews being unique and provocative at a time. However, some people say that it’s the only project on TV that is not afraid of telling the truth to the viewers.

Release Date

It’s too early to think about the fifth season of Vice cause the fourth one has just finished. There’s no official info on the broadcasts and release dates of season 5, but we’ll continue collecting facts from all the corners of the Net.


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