Vice Principals. Episode 2.1


Did you enjoy school years? Such serial will give you and an opportunity to live the school life again. In the center of attention, we can see two vice principals, who wanted to change the educational system. If you have a big family, you can watch it together, because everybody will have the most exciting and pleasant emotions about it.


Now it`s time to discuss the main characters. That serial is very rich on the actors, so it will be interesting for you. Here we can see the play of the following actors:

  Vice Principals. Episode 2.1 date release

  • Danny McBride as Neal Gamby.
  • Walton Goggin sans Lee Russell.
  • Kimberly Hebert Gregory in the role of Dr. Belinda Brown.
  • Georgia King in the role of Amanda Snodgrass.
  • Shaun McKinne plays the role of Dayshawn.
  • Busy Phillips plays the role of Gale Liptrap.
  • Dale Dickey as Nash.
  • Brian Tyree Henry as Tavis Brown.
  • Susan Park in the role of Christine.
  • Edi Patterson in the role of Ms. Abbott.
  • Ashley Spillers plays the role of Janice Swift.
  • Jennifer Gatti plays the role of Mrs. Deets.
  • Christopher Thornton a Mr. Milner.
  • Doug Plaut as Aiden Miller.
  • Nikka Duarte as Krista Grimes.

The writer of the film is Jody Hill and Danny McBride.

Vice Principals. Episode 2.1


We can name such serial as a black comedy. Here the main heroes are two vice principals in the secondary school. Each of them is talented and beautiful. But one day they understand, that the director will go out from his position, so they wanted to struggle with each other to get this post.

The result of their struggle will be unbelievable. So, if you want to know, who will be the winner, you must watch this serial.

Vice Principals. Episode 2.1


That serial will help you to spend the weekend in a pleasant company. The serial is made in the USA. The release date is the year of 2017. Now it is hard to estimate the accurate date and day. By the way, now you can watch the first season understand the main idea.

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