The Vet Life Season 2

The Vet Life Season 2 Release Date


In that serial, especially I such season premiere, you will see the life of veterinarians, who help different animals to be healthy and to have a good mood. Here in the center of attention a professional clinic will be shown.


Here you will see only professional actors, so you will believe, that they are professional doctors because of their brilliant play. Each character will cause only positive and unforgettable emotions.

The cast include:

  • Marilyn Swick, who play the role of Nurse.
  • Diarra Blue, who play the role of Dr. Blue.
  • Michael Lavigne as Dr. Lavigne.
  • Aubrey J. Ross ad Dr. Ross.

When we are talking about the producers, we must mention Ben Fetterman, Jairus Cobb, Shannon Biggs. The cinematography is made by Nicholas Savander and Brian Dee. The film editors are Andrea Corbi Fein, Damon Carroll, Conrad Zimmer, Travis Greene, and Kelly Ward Hand. The operators are Johnathan Rivera and Meredith Gunning. The assistant editors are Vincent DiCostanzo and Dean Welsh.


Firstly, we must say, that here in the center of attention you will see a hospital, in which animals of different kind are cured. And now you must pay attention to the cast, because each plays a very important role in the plot of the serial.

Each day the hospital is open for animals with different problems. Here people can ask for a help. And the doctors will do their best to help poor animals to feel better and to become healthier. They do the videos, in which they talk about the problems, which animals have and the main methods of its treatment.

People, who love animal and the things, which are connected with animals, will be happy to see the new episodes, which are full of hope. We also think, that each living being must be healthy and happy. So, with help of such talented doctors, we mustn’t worry about the health of our elder brothers – cats, dogs, birds and other species.


If you like to watch the films with animals, you will estimate that serial at all. Here you will see, how difficult is the work of veterinarian. The duration of one new episode is about 40 minutes.

The Vet Life 2 Season release date is the 24th of June in the year of 2016. So now you will have a great opportunity to watch and enjoy that brilliant season air date of interesting serial.

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