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We all seem to get used to viewing each year the new detective brand series under the title “Vera” devoted to a woman who investigates the most knotty cases using her brilliant talent. Currently, we have the sixth season and hope that the developers will bring inspiring news to us about the regular renewal.

Brief outline

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The series is founded on the stories written by Ann Cleeves, A famous British crime-writer. Thus, the series is also of a criminal genre with mysterious speckles. It can be also considered as a series of movies. The company which is responsible for creating this TV adaptation of the story is called ITV Studios. The team of producers includes such personalities as Elaine Collins, Kate Lewis, Myar Craig, Kate Bartlett, and Michael Dawson. The opening season premiered as far as in 2011, particularly in May. Currently, the viewers have the entire 6 chapters at their command.
The latest available sixth season debuted at the last day of January this year. The duration of each released episode is one and a half an hour.
The acting crew is composed of such actors and actresses as Brenda Blethyn, David Leon, and Jon Morrison. These are the key personages.
The series is broadcast all over the world: Europe, Canada, the US, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Plot summary

The titled heroine is Vera Stanhope. She is a skilled and pretty experienced detective. Her figure reminds us one of the leaders in this profession named Colombo. She is a little bit slovenly person who turns to keep her own secrets from the unveiling. Her assistant is named Aiden Healy. Together they are investigating the most entangled cases. Each episode depicts another case. Apart from magnificent Northumberland landscapes, the viewers are to enjoy brilliant acting and charm of the main heroine. So there is no wondering for what reasons this series has been so highly appreciated by the audiences.

Rating numbers and possible renewal

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Now let’s take a peek into the rating numbers of the series. The current season debut has counted more than 5 million viewers from all over the world. This amount is, by the way, is steadily growing while the episodes have been unfolding. The series has got also the unanimous acclaim from critics. And there is no surprise in it. The perfect acting, an intelligent strong yet very tender woman with her own quirks and twists, exciting complicated cases for exploring  – all these things have contributed to a series becoming very popular.
So the Vera season 7 release date is yet unknown as well as the possibility of its renewal. We can build only suppositions that due to the ratings being on a very high level, the developers will announce soon about the continuance of the story. Let’s hope that the store of ideas in the minds of the series creators isn’t already empty. Keep abreast of the situation and information coming from the first hands.


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