Vegas Rat Rods Season 3 Release Date

Vegas Rat Rods Season 3 Release Date


Steve Darnell and his group of rodent bar authorities are expert car fabricators. They work out of a sprawling carport, Welder Up, on the edges of the Las Vegas Strip, re-building exceptional Mad Max-style "rodent pole" autos out of concealed fortune for particular clients. This show is called Vegas Rat Rods and right now the fans expect the third season to be released on Discovery Channel.

Vegas Rat Rods season 3 release date was announced to happen on September 1, 2016. Discovery Channel hasn’t yet shared its plans about the upcoming seasons of this show, so let’s wait for the official statement from them.


Characters in Vegas Rat Rods include: a hair stylist Dave – A Las Vegas local, he’s Darnell’s cousin; Dan – Darnell’s deep rooted guide and engine pro who conveys 30 years of specialized mastery to the group; Dave – "The Money Guy" and the most up to date colleague; Justin – Darnell’s previous brother by marriage and prot?g?; Kyle – a specialist in skeleton and sheet metal manufacture; Mackay – the Montana-local is the team’s "Handyman"; Travis – the inhabitant craftsman; Twiggy – Hailing from Toronto, Twiggy is a tattooed wonder-kid.


The professional picker Darnell finds shrouded treasure covered in junkyards, ranchers’ fields and swap meets. He and his group amass his finds into moving works of auto-workmanship. In Vegas Rat Rods season 3 episode 1 inventiveness and creative energy are taken to the following level as every rodent bar made speaks to the individual it is being made for.

From a shotgun gearshift and bricklayer jug tail lights, to death column hot seat auto seats and horseshoe gas hawks, every rodent bar highlighted on Vegas Rat Rods season 3 is a balance of disposed of fortune, cutting edge execution parts and wild creative energy from Darnell and his whole group.

Interesting Facts

  • Vegas Rat Rods season 3 is created for Discovery Channel by Proper Television where Guy O’Sullivan and Karen Wookey serve as official makers. For Discovery, Jim Beard is Executive Producer with Lisbeth Lozano as partner maker;
  • Season 1 of Vegas Rat Rods debuted on Discovery Channel on April 17, 2014;
  • Season 2 of Vegas Rat Rods debuted on Discovery Channel in the US on Monday, October 19, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT. In the season debut scene, titled “Natural product Rod”, when a California organic product rancher with a desire for dragsters approaches Steve for a 1954 GMC COE truck he chooses to take it over the top.

Promo Art

Vegas Rat Rods Season 3 Promo 3

Vegas Rat Rods – Ditch Digger

Vegas Rat Rods – Battle of the Model B.

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