Veep Release Date

Veep Release Date


Veep is a TV series of American production. It is a comedy, which stories are related to the life of politicians. The genre of the show is a comedy. For the first time, the show was shown in 2012. The creator of the show is A. Iannucci. Currently, the series includes five seasons and fifty-eight episodes. The season 6 will be shown in 2017. 


The main cast of the show:

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus,
  • Matt Walsh,
  • Tony Hale,
  • Reid Scott,
  • Sufe Bradshaw,
  • Timothy Simons,
  • Kevin Dunn,
  • Anna Chlumsky,
  • Gary Cole,
  • Sam Richardson

Recurring cast of show:

  • Randall Park,
  • Dan Bakkedahl,
  • Sarah Sutherland,
  • Phil Reeves,
  • Nelson Franklin,
  • Peter Grosz,
  • Brad Leland,
  • William L. Thomas,
  • Brian Huskey,
  • Andy Buckley,
  • Zach Woods,
  • Hugh Laurie,
  • Martin Mull,
  • David Pasquesi,
  • Isiah Whitlock, Jr.,
  • Paul Fitzgerald,
  • Jessie Ennis,
  • Diedrich Bader,
  • Jessica St. Clair,
  • David Rasche,
  • Kathy Najimy,
  • Glenn Wrage,
  • Patton Oswalt,
  • John Slattery,
  • Clea DuVall,
  • Peter MacNicol,
  • Andrea Savage.


Veep tells the story of Selina Meyer, a VP of the USA. It is mainly about how Meyer with her team tries to leave something behind them, but they constantly have to overcome certain problems and difficulties. She is a charismatic leader who is getting more and more popular in her party.  Meyer tries to manage political fires, combining her public and private life. She uses all her limited powers to improve her relationship with other politician leaders. The team of Meyer includes Amy, Mike, Sue, and Gary.

Selina Meyer decides to implement a Clean Jobs Commission, but some missteps, like joking about a fundraiser, make her team work on damage control.  Their team is joined by Dan. Amy and Jonah are having a date.

In some time, she discovers that her offer about the Clean Jobs Commission cannot be accepted. It has been twenty years, since Selina started working in Washington, D.C. She tries to be very careful because one newspaper wrote rumors about their feud with the first lady. Selina has a daughter who studies at a college. Time to time, she arrives to see her mother. At this time, she finds her mother looking for a dog. Lots of interesting and funny events are shown in the series.


The show has been generally well met by critics. It has also become the winner of different awards.  A. Iannucci, the creator of the original show, is mentioned in a credit, though he was not involved in filming. Season 2 was shot in Baltimore.

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