Unreal Estate Season 2

Unreal Estate Season 2 Release Date


Unreal Estate is an Australian TV program, which will change your world to the other side. The season premiere was on September in the year of 2016. But now you can see the continuation of the Story. The Unreal Estate 2 Season release date is the 23rd of October in the year of 2016.


Among the Actors, we must mention the following people, such as Kate Langbroek and Cameron Knight. They are the Main cast and now they are ready to amaze you with their professional skills. Pay attention, that the cast of people also plays the roles of producers, directors, and editors.


In the new season of the serial, you will see a couple of people, who have the aim to work in the same sphere in order to become best of the bests. They will present you the most exotic, unusual and luxurious properties in different Australian regions.

Each new episode they will show you the most extraordinary house with lots of sporting spaces, rooms for games and jaw-dropping toys. Here you can see the unusual approach of presenting a new information, so you will be satisfied with this. In the first episodes, you will enjoy beach houses and the country estates, where a lot of parties are held. Everyone want to buy the house like this!

This two people, who are the producers and narrators, really like tourism and they are interested in such branches, as architecture and design. Here a lot of masterpieces will appear and you will have an opportunity to see the unusual rooms with great furniture from the previous centuries. Some of them are so clean and perfect, that Kate and Cameron even afraid of touching it.


If you want to live your life fully and to know everything about the real estate, you must watch this TV show and just relax. In the new season you will see the most beautiful and outstanding houses of Australia, so each time you will be surprised because here in this region a lot of rich people live.

Each new episode will be the surprise for you, so you wouldn’t be dull while watching the TV show like this. Besides, you can do it together with all the members of your family.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you. So just watch and enjoy it at all. 

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Unreal Estate Season 2 2

Channel Nine – Unreal Estate Promo (23/07/16)

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