How the Universe Works Season 6


How the Universe Works is a documental TV series, which appeared on broadcast in the year of 2010. That is the program, which will be excited both for adults and children, so the season premiere was really excellent. The season release date was the 21st of December in the year of 2016, so now everybody will see the continuation.


When there is a need to underline the actors, we must pay attention to the people in the main cast. They are talented and experienced. And among them we will present:

  • Richard Lintern.
  • Phil Plait.
  • Mike Rowe.
  • Michelle Thaller.
  • Laurence Krauss.
  • Michio Kaku.
  • Hakeem Oluseyi.

The serial is directed by Adam Warner, Peter Chinn, Louise Say, Lorne Townend, Shaun Trevisick, Kate Dart, George Harris, Alex Hearle. It is produced by Stuart Carter, Stephen Marsh, Wyatt Channel, Jeff Stepp, Michael Cavaiola, Simon Martin, Adam Warner, Katie Pyne, Hannah James, Sam Taplin, Kate Dart, George Harris, Alex Hearle.


It is the new series about our universe. This is the greatest story of how a small point of the universe is turned into a huge space/ Children sometimes ask: if the moon turns around the earth, and the earth turns around the sun, which then turns around the Sun? This is a good question, but the astronomers are also interested in the same question. The more they understand it, the more questions arise.

Romantics will admire the night sky, poets sing about the picturesque myriad of stars in the dome of the night, and the most curious are trying to comprehend the eternal mysteries of the stars and planets. Here a lot of questions about the device of the universe are asked. The creators of the documentary program lifted the veil for the viewers and one of the main issues is not lost relevance of mankind.

From the first episode, which was released in 2010, the program amazed the audience and won the highest ratings of the channel. So, in order to discover the truth mysteries and origins of the universe, just watch this cinema masterpiece.

Is infinite cosmos was formed of tiny particles? What are a black hole and the galaxy? How the celestial bodies were formed, and how they differ from each other? In a series of the documentary program, the viewer will know everything about the Big Bang theory and satellites and the solar system.

Here you will hear the views of reputable scientists. Also, you will have an opportunity to make a virtual journey through the endless expanses of the universe due to the very high-quality computer graphics. The show is designed for a huge audience, and it will be interesting not only for adults but also for very young viewers.


The new episode has the suitable duration time, so each person will enjoy it at all. It is so important to know about season air date.

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