Unique Rides Season 2

Are you fond of cars and its internals? If your reply is positive, we should notify you that currently the serial under the title “Unique Rides” is boadcast. This serial will be surely to your liking. You cannot even doubt it. The serial is by the way renewed officially for the second chapter. While waiting for the release of the following season, let’s enjoy the already launched episodes of the first one.

Quick review

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Unique Rides is considered to be a new show hosted by Will Castro. The debut of the serial has been held this February. The project comes to be developed by the company named Alkemy X. The executive team consists of Mark Finkelpearl and David Lee. And now let’s turn immediately to the essence of this reality show.

What does the reality project come to be about?

The serial turns to be about cars and their reincarnation made by Will Castro and his special crew of experienced professionals. They are customizing vehicles for famous people, particularly for Hollywood stars and professional athletes. The autos come to be not simple but top-of-the-lines.  His crew is famous indeed for the innovative designs and high level of crafting. Thus, in order to get a car from this team, you should a popular person with a considerable income.
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What about the level of the show ratings?

The situation with the ratings is that if to take a peek into the commentaries which both common viewers and critics are typing on various websites and blogs, the car enthusiasts seem like accepting positively the new brand serial which supplied us with a very exciting and interesting inside look into the customization of the most famous cars in the Long Island-based shop.
However, the total number of viewers is considered to be less than average. It constitutes only 200 thousand people which is lower than it has been supposedly expected by the developers. This raises a question of the immediate possibility and necessity to continue the project. Let’s clear out, how the developers have shaped the future of their reality show.

Can we expect the returning of the new brand show to the screens?

Unique Rides Season 2 Cast
As it has become known very recently, the serial is going to come back to its fans already in the time frame 2016-2017. The home network of the serial called Velocity had a successful 2015 year in terms of ratings. The producers of this stream seem like no stopping at this progress point and are eager to expand considerably their programming volume. The following chapter of the given serial is, thus, in the future plans. Such turn of events is really great for those people who begin to admire the serial right with the launch of the first episode.
However, so far there is no certain information about the Unique Rides season 2 release date. You should stay tuned in order to obtain all necessary information about your favorite show timely and straight from the reliable resources.


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