Une famille formidable Release Date

Une famille formidable Release Date

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1992 is a year when one of the most extraordinary movies appeared on the screens.  The producers of series “Une famille formidable” release date of showing on the 17 of September and get audience’s interest. Today the drama isn’t so popular but it is perfect for those who love original jokes and humor. There are 13 seasons there and it isn’t the final number of it.

The serials perform dramatic scenes between the main heroes. They often argue to each other and solve daily problems caused by themselves.


Due to long duration of the series, there are a lot of main and additional heroes in “Une famille formidable”. They are:

  • Anny Duperey played Catherine Beaumont’s role. This woman is one of the main heroes and Jacques Beaumont’s wife. They have 4 children who always cause a lot of funny troubles in the house.
  • Bernard Le Coq played Jacques Beaumont’s role. He married Catherine 30 years ago and found their relationships like the most durable and happy.
  • Jennifer Lauret as Frederique Beaumont. She is an adult person who lives with her husband.
  • Cecile Caillaud as Audrey Beaumont, is the ambitious young lady who traveled a lot with her boyfriends and husbands and then stayed with her childhood friend.
  • Romeo Sarfati as Nicolas Beaumont. He has his own art gallery and tries to develop his business.
  • Alain Piquet as Jeremie Beaumont. At the first time, a man works in a restaurant. Later he opens his own caf? and becomes the succeeded chef.
  • Marie Sambourg as Manon Beaumont. The baby was born in period of her parents’ argues and desires to divorce. Due to the child their relations became strong again.


The producers of “Une famille formidable” have included all typical situations and troubles of our life in the movie and added a lot of jokes and humor there.  All boring quarrels turned into funny and ridiculous situations.

The main heroes have a lot of children who face up with many troubles. The family’s life is very bright and interesting but there are a lot of problems connected with their relations. Dramatic and touching scenes will intrigue all the viewers.

Interesting facts

  • After scenes being shot, the life continues with its own rules. The actors try to communicate with each other not only at work. They are seemed to be friendly and sociable to each member of the cast.
  • The drama became popular only in the early 2000. Today it is one of the most famous melodramas in French cinema.

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