Underground Season 2

Underground Season 2 Release Date


On WGN America Channel Underground Season 2 started to launch.

In the second season premiere of Underground, you will see the group of slaves, who have the aim to organize the escape from Georgia plantations. On their way to the freedom, they must cross the 600 miles, which is not so easy, as you can imagine. On their way, they will have a lot of difficulties, which are threaten their lives.


Such season of the serial is full of bright and unforgotten moments. We mustn’t forget, that all this is the merits of the cast. Here are a lot of people in main and recurring roles. But now we will present you the main actors:

  • Brady Permenter.
  • Christopher Meloni.
  • Danielle Stewart.
  • Alan Miller.
  • Taylor Krane.
  • Janet Sepva.
  • Andrea Francle.
  • Adina Porter.
  • Toby Nicols.
  • Tommy Tervi.
  • Mark McKallo.
  • David Born.

As for the recurrent cast we must mention:

  • Christopher Backus.
  • Reed Diamond and Marc Blucas.
  • Amirah Vann and James Lafferty.
  • Chris Chalk and Renwick Scott.
  • Adina Porter and Mykelti Williamson.
  • Danielle Stewart and Maceo Smedley.

The serial is directed by Antony Hemingway. The producer is Jobi Harold, Akiva Goldsman, and Mark McNair. The operator is Kevin McNait.


The storyline will introduce you a group of slaves, in which there are a lot of people. They have the plan to escape, so all the time they develop it till the small incidents. They had to work on the plantations in Georgia, but one day they realize, that they mustn’t work like this.

In the center of attention, you can see Rosalee and Noah, who believe when their plan will come true. The freedom was their first aim. Then here appeared an abolitionist, who bought this couple, because his aim is to sell them as expensive, as he can. A couple believe that it was their chance to become independent, but it wasn’t so easy, as they imagine it.


The first new episode of the serial appeared in March of this year. But the second season will be more interesting, because of the unusual and interesting plot. You must pay attention to those, that it is a drama series, so only adults can enjoy it at all. Children wouldn’t understand the main idea and enjoy it from the beginning till the end.

As we know there will be the continuation of the story in 2017. 3 million people estimate that season, so we can say, that it is not so bad serial to watch. If you have free time that will be one of the interesting cinema for you.

Each episode will excite you. The Underground 2 Season release date is the 16th of July this year. That is also a season air date.

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