Underground Season 2 Release Date

Underground is a TV drama series created in the USA. The authors of the original idea and the creators of the series are Misha Green and Joe Pokaski. The action revolves in Antebellum Georgia’s Underground Railroad in. The show started in spring of 2016 and received multiple positive reviews.


Underground concentrates on Macon 7 – a group of slaves trying to leave Georgia plantation and get freedom. They are aided by a married couple working for the Underground Railroad. A slave hunter is following them, so they should be extremely careful and smart. Every new episode is devoted to hardships they experience while building their way to freedom.

Underground Season 2 date release


  • Jurnee Smollett-Bell portrays a shy and sheltered slave named Rosalee. She belongs to Macon 7.
  • Aldis Hodge plays a driven slave named Noah, also belonging to Macon 7.
  • Jessica De Gouw portrays a socialite named Elizabeth Hawkes.
  • Alano Miller portrays a charming and cunning slave named Cato, also a member of Macon 7.
  • Christopher Meloni portrays a bounty hunter that never cares about morality of his actions. His name’s August Pullman.
  • Christopher Backus portrays a slave catcher named Jeremiah Johnson.
  • Marc Blucas acts as a lawyer named John Hawkes.
  • Reed Diamond portrays a brother of John Hawke named Tom Macon. He’s the owner of a group of slaves called Macon 7 and the owner of Macon plantation itself.

Underground Season 2

  • James Lafferty portrays a former fiancé of Elizabeth named Kyle Risdin.
  • Amirah Vann portrays the head Macon slave. Does her best to protect her kids. Has two children born from her lover, Tom Macon. Their names are Rosalee and James.
  • Renwick Scott portrays a teenage slave – a true rebel with kind heart and strong will named Henry. Belongs to Macon 7.
  • Chris Chalk acts as William Still
  • Adina Porter portrays a wife and a mother with strong will named Pearly Mae. Helps the runners get the clues to desired freedom. Pearly Mae is the only literate person among the slaves able to read.
  • Mykelti Williamson portrays Pearly Mae’s husband named Moses. He’s a preacher. Most of the slaves think that he’s able to read, however, it’s his wife who reads the bible for him. Also belongs to Macon 7.
  • Theodus Crane portrays the character of a strong and formidable slave named Zeke from Macon 7.
  • Andrea Frankle portrays a half-sister of Pearly Mae named Suzanna Macon. She’s also a wife of Tom Macon. Hates Ernestine and her slave kids.
  • Johnny Ray Gill portrays a carpenter named Sam. Half-brother of Rosalee and James.
  • PJ Marshall portrays an overseer at Macon plantation. His name’s Bill Meekes.

Underground Season 2

Second Season Air Date

In spring of 2016, WGN America channel officially prolonged the series for ten more episodes. The second season release date is unknown yet. We’ll let you know when we get the official announcement. Underground was filmed in Baton Rouge. The second season of the project is currently created in Savannah, Georgia.

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