Underground Release Date

Underground Release Date


Underground is a TV series of an American production. It was created by J. Pokaski and M. Green. The main story of the show is about slaves trying to escape through the Underground Railroad located in Georgia during the pre-American Civil War period. The premiere of the show took place in 2016. It was broadcasted by WGN America. A full season of ten episodes was ordered because the premiere was successful. The series is shot in Baton Rouge. Currently, the filming of the season 2 takes place in Savannah. In total, ten episodes are available.


The main cast of the show includes the following actors and actresses:

  • Jurnee Smollett-Bell plays the part of Rosalee,
  • Jessica De Gouw plays the part of Elizabeth Hawkes,
  • Aldis Hodge plays the part of Noah,
  • Alano Miller plays the part of Cato,
  • Christopher Meloni plays the part of August Pullman.

The recurring cast of the show includes:

  • Christopher Backus plays the part of Jeremiah Johnson,
  • Reed Diamond plays the part of Tom Macon,
  • Marc Blucas plays the part of John Hawkes,
  • Darielle Stewart plays the part of Boo,
  • James Lafferty plays the part of Kyle Risdin,
  • Amirah Vann plays the part of Ernestine,
  • Chris Chalk plays the part of William Still,
  • Adina Porter plays the part of Pearly Mae,
  • Mykelti Williamson plays the part of Moses,
  • Renwick Scott plays the part of Henry,
  • Theodus Crane plays the part of Zeke,
  • Johnny Ray Gill plays the part of Sam,
  • Andrea Frankle plays the part of Suzanna Macon,
  • PJ Marshall plays the part of Bill Meekes,
  • Maceo Smedley plays the part of Moses James.

Special guests of the show:

  • Jussie Smollett plays the part of Josey,
  • Joseph Sikora plays the part of Frog Jack.


Series is about several slaves who want to run away from a plantation.  They think that a plantation dance is a great chance for them to start their dangerous journey for freedom. The slaves have to overcome a way of about six hundred miles to become free. One their way, they meet a couple that runs a station.  The slaves decide to use the Underground Railroad for their escape because they are followed by the people who want to seize them dead or alive.

All in all, there are seven slaves that dared to escape. Everyone who finds them and brings them back will receive $1,000.  Will be able the slaves to get their freedom eventually?


On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has received a score of 93%. On Metacritic, the show has received a score of 74/100.

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