Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse Season 9

The brand drama series titled “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” is now on the bubble being yet resumed by the creators. The serial was not much appraised by critics as well as by common viewers if to look at the reviews and the total amount of watchers, So there is a possibility that the project will be canceled.

Brief outline of the brand drama on OWN

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Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse is basically a dramedy serial by American fabrication. The story chronicles the relationships of the principal characters that have turned to be full of quarrels after their wedding.
The serial is considered to be a feather in the cap of Tyler Perry who is to accomplish both writing and directory duties. The acting cast turns to be composed of such leading performers as Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith
The opening of the pioneer season took place as far back as at the end of April 2011. Originally the home channel of the project was reckoned to be TBS. But then it moved to the OWN channel that is short for Oprah Winfrey Network. This relocation was made after the launch of the sophomore season.
The latest season number eighth has been put to broadcast in the first day of this month. It signifies particularly that is too early now to speak about renewal issues.

What is about the narrative itself?

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The principal heroes of the series are named Marcus and Angela Williams. The story itself is grounded the serial aired since 2007 titled particularly “Why Did I get Married?” that was followed by a spin-off “Why Did I Get Married Too?”.
The series enlarges upon a lovesick married pair and also narrates about the members of their family and friends.
Marcus is considered to be a footballer that has turned to sports commentator. Angela is owns a hair salon and is developing hair care line of products.
The tense atmosphere within the married couple turns to become more complicated when the wife gets to know that her husband has a daughter.

Ratings and general acceptance of the serial

The serial garnered quite controversial opinions concerning its plot. It concerns also the rating numbers. The serial debuted with about 3.5 million people in front of screens. But from this time the numbers began to drop down considerably.
The latest eighth chapter was distinguished by 0.8 million viewers being busy with watching the regularly released episodes.
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When can we expect the emergence of the new episodes?

In the situation such average rating numbers and mixed commentaries, the developers are to shape the fate of the serial. Is it worth giving the serial another chance? How do you think? One thing is obvious. If the developers announces the Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse season 9 release date resuming the project in such a way, they should be on second thoughts when it comes to the narrative particularly they should change the very concept of the project in order to return the success of the pioneer season.


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