Twinning Season 2

Twinning is a reality TV series created and released on the territory of the USA. The release was carried out by VH1 channel. The first season release date is the 22nd of July 2015. The show is filmed with the participation of teams made up of identical twin sisters or brothers. The aim of the participating twins is to demonstrate similar physical and emotional reactions while taking part in the challenges and acting identically.

The main member of the cast is the presenter of the project named Angie Greenup. Shawn and Claire Buitendorp won in the first season. Twinning season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet and the series is still pending.

Twinning Season 2 date release  


In the beginning of the competition, the participants of the project are separated. Each of the twins has to live separately in adjacent houses – a green one and a blue one. They shouldn’t see each other for quite a long period of time in order to better feel the emotional bond between each other and create additional obstacle on the way to the very first challenge.

Every week of the project features challenges where the twins have to push their physical and mental abilities to the limit. They need to get hold of their coordination in order to demonstrate strong will and abilities. Every new episode released features a new challenge or a series of challenges. All of them are different in character. Most of them are coordination challenges. When the challenge is over, the twins who win it get a chance to move freely between the two houses they have been given for the project. However, it’s been long time ago. Besides, the winners get a chance to vote for those twins whom they don’t want to see eliminated. This way the participants pass to the second step.

Twinning Season 2

The next step is called Twin-Off. During the Twin-Off, contestants are asked personal questions about things they prefer all together with numerous personal questions. The more matching answers the twins give, the better. The first steam that manages to get five matches continues passing through the following steps of the competition.

Twinning Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

The 2nd season release date hasn’t been announced. The series is quite specific and the contestants should be picked out carefully. When VH1 channel decide to release Twinning, we will let you know. Don’t forget to subscribe not to miss a new episode in the upcoming year!

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