Twin Peaks 3 Season Release Date

Twin Peaks 3 Season Release Date


The third season of the popular American drama series that revealed the shocking story about the murder of Laura Palmer in a small provincial town of Twin Peaks. In October 2014 Showtime channel reported on the return to the screens of the cult series of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. And the director said that he personally would remove all the episodes. At first it was assumed that the Twin Peaks, season 3 will be released in 2016, but in 2016 it became known that Twin Peaks season 3 premiere was moved to the first half of 2017.

It means that we should wait for Twin Peaks season 3 release date in Q1-Q2 of 2017. For now Showtime hasn’t revealed the release date of Twin Peaks season 3 on Bluray and DVD.


In early 2015 it became known that one of the main characters – the Agent Dale Cooper, played by actor Kyle MacLachlan will also return to Twin Peaks season 3 premiere. The series Twin Peaks season 1 was created by director David Lynch and the screenwriter Mark Frost.


The first season of the American drama series about a schoolgirl investigates the murder of an FBI agent. The protagonist of the series Twin Peaks season 3 episode 1 Dale Cooper – initiate an investigation in a provincial American town, and his every move is increasingly alienated him from solving a crime.

Interesting Facts

  • On Twitter, the iconic master of psychological horror published a quote from the series: "Chewing gum, which you like to be back in fashion!" And the hashtag #damngoodcoffee (this phrase often uttered the protagonist of the show Dale Cooper);
  • Frost promised that we will see new and old faces in the third season;
  • It was confirmed that the third season will consist of 18 full-time episodes;
  • There is possible that the story won’t finished in the third season and we will see Twin Peaks season 4 premiere someday;
  • Mark Frost will write the book titled The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks that will help to understand all storylines before Twin Peaks season 3 premiere.

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