Twilight Zone Reboot Season 1 Release Date

Twilight Zone Reboot Season 1 Release Date


CBS few times rebooted the cult mystery TV series Twilight Zone – in the 1980s and 2002. Most hardcore fans find them controversial at least. Now there is time for another reboot – let’s hope that it will great.

Twilight Zone Reboot season 1 release date can be scheduled for the early period of 2017. Currently there is no news about the release date of Twilight Zone Reboot season 1 on DVD and Bluray.


Right now there is no information about Twilight Zone Reboot season 1 release’s cast and the Actors. The Bioshock’s creator Ken Levine will write the script for one of the future episodes.


The first installment of Twilight Zone has a place on any shortlist of the best and most persuasive network shows ever made. Rod Serling’s classic collection arrangement, which reprimanded one sci-fi, ghastliness and sometimes dream stories that went from clever and melodramatic to unsettling and out and out unnerving, still holds up today as a high-end  TV series and required looking for any individual who appreciates the great TV shows of any genre.

Interesting Facts

The Wrap reports that Interlude, the intelligent media organization best known for that (still truly noteworthy) "Like a Rolling Stone" video from a couple of years back, has marked an arrangement with the system to deliver an arrangement that will permit viewers to connect with the show as they watch it. Particular subtle elements stay under wraps, yet they hurl around expressions about groups of onlookers being capable to "step in and become a part of the Story" and "change and adjust the Story in view of what he or she feels”;

  • Bryan Singer was appended to deliver Twilight Zone Reboot season 1 CBS for a long while and an element film adaptation of the arrangement was being created before apparently vanishing immediately and inexplicably a short time back.

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THE TWILIGHT ZONE | Season 1 [Recap Trailer]

THE TWILIGHT ZONE | Series 2 (Teaser Trailer)

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