Tutankhamun Season 2

Tutankhamun Season 2 Release Date


Tutankhamun is an adventure TV serial with drama particles. The season premiere was this year, so this new season is not so popular among the big amount of people. The second one will be available for you. The Tutankhamun 2 Season release date is the 13th of November in the year of 2016.


This serial will amaze you by the brilliant plot and great Actors in the cast. Here a lot of talented people will be presented, but our aim is to present the most extraordinary people, who will appear very often. Among them we must name:

  • Max Irons.
  • Jonathan Aris.
  • Sam Neill.
  • Amy Wren.
  • Leon Clingman.
  • Stefan Erasmus.
  • Susan Danford.

The director of the serial is Peter Webber. Among the producers, we must name Dianne Beatty, Francis Hopkinson, Trevor Ingman, Simon Lewis, Catherine Oldfield. The editor is David Head.


This season of the serial is focused on professional archeologist by the name of Howard Carter. He has a great chance to spent a good future and now he believes, that the achieved results will be good. Also here you will see his patron by the name Lord Carnarvon. He was the only one man, who just wanted to sponsor the new Carters project.

The other things, which Carter do, are rather skeptical for people, who surrounds him, so his Main aim is to discover pharaohs tombs and to show the people, that he is a good person with great life aims.


To be honest, this serial is made for the category of people, who love adventures. Each time Main heroes will present you different beautiful things, so it is rather easy to watch and enjoy this cinema masterpiece from episode to episode.

We recommend you to start watching from the new season because that is the only one condition, which will help you to understand the plot and to estimate the play of each actor.

As for the running time, here you must know, that one new episode lasts for 160 minutes, so you must have a free time to watch it and to enjoy every moment of it.

When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below. 

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