Tut Season 2

The historical miniseries shot under the title “Tut’ turns narrate about the rise of King Tutankhamun to power and his attempt to lead Egypt to glory. The series now consists of only three parts wrapped up in the first season. The question is whether the second chapter will ever take place.

Short outline

The historically backgrounded miniseries “Tut” is a newbie on the American cable channel called Spike. The fabrication of the series was possible due to the Canadian-American collaboration. The production studio is Muse Entertainment.
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The current volume of the series is one season comprising three episodes with each one lasting for two hours.
The series became available with the release of the first episode in July 2015. Since then, we have heard nothing about the series revival for the next second installment.
Predicated on the events in Egypt during the ruling of pharaoh Tutankhamun, the scriptwriters named Michael Vickerman, Peter Paige, and Bradley Bredeweg created the story for bringing it into a TV version. The directorial duties come to be accomplished successfully by David von Ancken.
The exact place for the shooting was chosen as Morocco, as well as Canada. The generation of ideas was led by such executives as again David von Ancken, Sharon Levy, Joel S. Rice, Michael Prupas, Michael Vickerman, Angela Mancuso, Jeremy Elice, and Greg Gugliotta.
As for the acting crew, here the team is presented by Avan Jogia as Tutankhamun, the Pharaoh of Egypt; Ben Kingsley as Ay, the Grand Vizier; and also such ones as  Peter Gadiot, Sibylla Deen, Kylie Bunbury, Iddo Goldberg, Alexander Siddig,  and Nonso Anozie.

Plot summary

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This story is considered to be the first scripted one on Spike for the past eight years. The narrative given here is about King Tutankhamun as he rises to leading the country to glory.
Surely, it is not without cunning schemes arranged behind his back by his closest friends and advisors as they pursue their own interest that is not connected with the ones the country has.
How many watchers were attracted by this scripted series on Spike?
The series was reckoned to be a breakthrough on its cable home channel. The impressive numbers have been garnered during the three consecutive nights of the release. The average amount of watchers can be evaluated at 2 million people. For the cable channel. This is nothing but success.

Renewal predictions

Taking into account such a favorable acceptance, the series is just destined to get an update in the form of the second season. It is also possible that the miniseries will be turned into the full-fledged scripted serial.
However, the current situation proposes to us only to expect the statement about the renewal for the second chapter, as well as the Tut season 2 release date. Stay tuned together with our service as news is felt to be somewhere around the corner.


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