Turn: Washington’s Spies Season 3

Viewers know and remember many historical TV series, both based on real events and fictional. The creators of these programs allow the public to penetrate deep into the history and to see the recreated world, which in many ways resembles exactly that displayed epoch. The authors of the American project Turn: Washington’s Spies, which has been broadcasted on the television channel AMC since 2014, probably succeeded in it.

By this moment it has been released 2 full seasons of this show. The reconstruction of historical events happens with incredible precision; the series is full of dramatic events and unusual plot twists. That is why the fans of this genre send the creators the question they are worried about: is Turn: Washington’s Spies coming back for season 3? Release date of the coming new episode hasn’t been officially announced yet, but according to the information given by the producers the new season air date will happen in the nearest future.

 Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 date release 

Producers and Developers

The first season release date was presented on April 6, 2014. The two seasons include 20 episodes, and the running time of each of them is from 42 to 47 minutes.

The developer of the renewed series based on the story by Alexander Rose is Craig Silverstein. His main coworkers are:

  • Michael Taylor (executive producer);
  • Barry Josephson (one more executive producer);
  • Mitchell Amstrad;
  • Lotoya Morgan;
  • Larry Rapaport;
  • Henry Bronchtein;

All the filming takes place in the US, Virginia. The network well-known for its famous products on TV is AMC. The companies distributing the series and responsible for the release of the next season three are Josephson Entertainment and Sesfonstein Productions.

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3

Cast and Plot Review

The main character of Turn: Washington’s Spies is Abraham Woodhull (an actor from England Jamie Bell). He is a farmer whose life goes under the British occupation in Long Island. He is one of the representatives of a special circle of spies. Their main activity they carry out is struggling for the independence.

The series is full of dramatic evens, betrayal and, of course, heroic deeds. That’s why the return of this project is being awaited with great tension.

Among the other main characters are such as:

  • Benjamin Tallmadge (an American actor Seth Numrich);
  • Anna Strong (heather Lind, an American actress);
  • Caleb Brewster (an actor from Australia);
  • George Washington (a well-known stage and TV actor Ian Kahn).

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3

Viewers’ Rating and Soon Continuation

It is worth mentioning that on IMDB the score of Turn: Washington’s Spies is of 8/10. The average number of viewers of each episode is about 660,000. The next season premiere is considered to be watched by even a greater number of the audience. Season three is sure to be released, but the series crew still hasn’t made a conclusion about the terms of the premiere, and the schedule of new episodes will be known when all the conventions are met.

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