The Tunnel Season 3 Release Date

The Tunnel Season 3 Release Date


The Tunnel is the first season of the crime drama was released on television In the autumn of 2013. And for two years now fans of the show are looking for answers to the questions continued and when will the second season of the television series telling about the joint work of two policemen from different countries whether the shot.

The Tunnel season 3 release date is planned by Sky Atlantic  for the spring of 2017. The date release of The Tunnel season 3 on DVD and Bluray will probably happen in summer of 2017.


Stephen Dillane and Cl?mence Po?sy are still the leading cast of The Tunnel season 3 premiere, if it happens.


The Tunnel season 3 premiere still follows the investigation of mysterious murders, after a serial killer leaves the halves of two different bodies at the midpoint between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and France in the English Channel, Carl Roebuck and Elise Wasserman are investigators that are looking for a criminal who It is the moral crusade. The second season titled Tunnel: Sabotage includes 8 episodes, and focuses on the storyline.

Interesting Facts

The Tunnel is a crime drama television series co-production of the United Kingdom and France;

The concept of the series was adapted from the hit Danish crime drama – The Bridge;

Kudos Film and Television on the British side and luster of France on the French side are behind the production of the Tunnel;

The second season of The Tunnel was originally set for April 5, 2016, but the date of the premiere was pushed back for a week in connection with the tragic events in Brussels. That is why it was scheduled to debut on April 12, 2016 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic;

Screenwriter of the third season will probably be Ben Richards (Ghosts).

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The Tunnel Season 2 Episode 3

The Tunnel | Season 2 Episode 4 | May 3 2016

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