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Modern cinema is difficult to be imagined without such genre as comedy sitcom, which is closely connected with the lives of ordinary viewers, and many of these series have already become a cult. The series “Truth Be Told” hasn’t achieved such a title yet, but this American project on NBC TV channel also deserves attention. The sitcom first appeared on October 16, 2015 and at the moment the first season is over. But the fans of the genre rather puzzled and often ask the creators the only question: when will “Truth Be Told” Season 2 be released? Premiere Date of the continuation hasn’t been officially announced yet, but according to the ratings this variant is rather controversial.

Creators and Characters

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One of the main creators is a famous DJ Nash, who claims that the show is a kind of autobiography. In addition, the co-authors are Brian Kratz and Joshua Corey. The plot of the series is based on the lives of two couples of different nationalities, who are friends and live next door to each other.
One of the characters in sitcom is Mitch, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar. He works as a teacher at the college. His wife named Tracy (an American actress Vanessa Lachey) is a lawyer with strict principles, but a caring and loving mother while at home. A friend of the family Russell, played by Tone Bell, acts in a stand-up show, and his wife Angie (Bresha Webb) doesn’t work, but is fond of gossips and being in the limelight.
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The friends constantly get into awkward situations and get through them in a very comical manner. The show is filled with jokes of different types, including racial, sexual, family, etc. The creators have managed to create an atmosphere of fun which, however, has its morality and sense of humor does not go beyond anything impermissible.

Critics’ reviews

Despite a fairly good idea the show “Truth Be Told” in fact got more negative than positive feedbacks from critics, which made NBC channel cut the number of episodes in Season 1: there were 10 of them, although it was initially planned to release 13 ones. The most important claims concerning the quality of the sitcom were associated with a plain and simple plot and sometimes too unnatural situations. According to many reputable sources, NBC’s attempt to create the show with quality humor has almost completely failed despite the fact that the project still has its fans.
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At the moment there is no any information about the continuation of the series, moreover, that such negative responses are known to both audience and producers. Perhaps the creators will reconsider the concept of the show and resume the series extending sitcom for Season 2, but if the style of the project doesn’t change, then to avoid the total failure will not be possible. Yet it is difficult to talk about any prospects and make premature conclusions, though the perspectives are not very encouraging.


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