Trollied Season 6

The British comedy under the title “Trollied” has been already resumed for the sixth season, which is to appear later this year. We should be now ready, thus, to obtain info at any moment. Stay tuned if you are hungry for more info about this program on Sky 1.

Brief Review

Among the variety of British TV project, this one should be given special attention due to the great rating number and approval. Well, it is sitcom broadcasted on Sky 1 since 2011. This serial is reckoned to be the first original sitcom for Sky 1 since 2002.
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The acting crew is composed of Jane Horrocks, Mark Addy, Jason Watkins, Chanel Cresswell, Nick Blood, and some others.
The latest season of Trollied premiered in November 2015. Anne-Marie O’Connor, Paul Doolan, and Ash Atalia are behind the production of the story in particular. The studio for development is Roughcut TV.

Narrative Summary

The series revolves around the fates of the staff members of Valco, a fictional supermarket somewhere in the Northwest of England. Accomplishing their duties at the store, they submerge into various squabbles stressing over the rivalry with a nearby supermarket.
The employees are named Julie Cook and Gavin Strong serving as store managers, Andy Richmond, the head butcher, as well as Katie, a checkout operator and then an HR manager and Kieran, butcher. There are some others also but these are the central ones.
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Together, they face multiple challenges in terms of their private and professional lives. The story is overloaded with twists in the narrative. So it keeps being of interest to the audience.

What are Ratings?

The series premiere was noted for a great success with a healthy viewership, as well as numerous positive reviews towards the quality of the sitcom. This situation had been until the release of the third season. The third installment garnered ratings that are poorer in comparison with the first two ones. The fourth installment showed then that the series deserves its attention still with many other ideas added to the narrative.
As for the ratings of the fifth installment, they are average among all numbers garnered during the course of the comedy. So, the series stays afloat and thus can be renewed for other future installments.
Trollied Season 6 Cast

Following Latest News Concerning the Series Future

The loyal followers of the series can walk on air now as quite recently, the producers of Sky 1 have announced that the sixth installment of the successful sitcom is to come out later this year.
The Trollied season 6 release date is yet to be exposed. Nevertheless, we are in the know that the upcoming installment will include eight episodes as the tradition requires it. Moreover, some cast changes are expected to take place. Who will be replaced and who will be added can become known at any moment now. Thus, we should keep abreast of the situation in order to get you notified in time.


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