Tripped Season 2

Following the current posture of affairs, the new project on E4 under the name “Tripped” is expecting the verdict that the developers of the project should carry out. With rather a positive acceptance, there is certain ground to affirm that we can be lucky to enjoy the new episodes united in the sophomore chapter.

Brief review of the project

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So let’s start right in featuring some production issues. First and foremost, we should mention the immediate creative team leaders. They are in particular Jamie Mathieson, Harry Williams, and Jack Williams serving together as the screenwriters. The heavy directory responsibility rests with Jamie Stone. As for the fabrication company, we deal here with a bountiful cooperation of two companies called Mammoth Screen and Two Brothers Pictures.
As for the members of the performance crew, they are Blake Harrison, George Webster, Georgina Campbell, and some others.
The serial is by the way by the British development created in the genre of science fiction with the speckles of comedy in the shape of mini-series. The broadcast has been held since the beginning of December 2015 on the channel titled E4. The pioneer season includes only 4 episodes.

What is the story presenting to us?

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The serial revolves basically around two friends named Danny and Milo. Danny is about to tie the knot while Milo isn’t willing to be left by his best fellow. Before getting married to his loving heart Kate, Danny together with Milo is following their desire to get high and being in the middle of their mind-blowing experience they embark on the fantastical journey in their minds. This parallel world turns to offer many hazardous challenges to them. They come to be pursued particularly by the terrifying creature that possesses an irresistible desire to murder them. Finally, they find themselves unaware whether this is a reality or not whether they are traveling this dangerous universe or at last they are at home being safe and sound.

As far as the popularity is concerned

Being favorable accepted by the common watchers and critics, the serial is getting traction from its very beginning. On IMD, the series was evaluated as a project with an above-average rating. The scoring there comprises about 7.5 points from 10.
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Though being generally positive, the situation has its impediments to becoming perfect. The thing is that the series comes to be bashed for quite a predictable narrative that is short of development, half-baked characters, and an impropriate sense of humor.

Can we expect the appearance of the second installment?

If to rely on the current facts, the serial is now on the bubble being put at the risk of cancellation in spite of the positive general acceptance of the project. So far there is nothing to say about the Tripped season 2 release date as well as about the immediate feasibility of its future resumption as there is no official confirmation coming straight from the horse’s mouth.


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