Treehouse Masters Season 7

Treehouse Masters is a comedy reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by Animal Planet with the first season release date on the 31st of May 2013. Every new episode of the show follows a man building unique tree houses together with his team. The cast includes Tory Jones, Pete Nelson, Dana Klisanin, Geelo Green, Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelly and others. Treehouse Masters season 7 release date hasn’t been announced yet.


Treehouse Masters will give you a chance to observe the majestic world of treetops, while the team climbs them in order to create cozy dwellings. A true tree whisperer and the presenter of the show named Pete Nelson works on the designs of perfect private escapes from everyday reality. He’s willing to help and inspire everyone wishing to connect with nature and feel like a kid. Pete manages to recreate breathtaking projects for any client. His works include multi-bedroom houses with electricity and plumbing as well as usual one-room lofts. His portfolio is stuffed with tree-house retreats with secret entrances, zip lines and bridges in style of Indiana Jones. One day he created a recording studio in a tree house satisfying the wish of a client willing to blend music and nature together.
Treehouse Masters Season 7 date release

Pete’s team is made up of talented and experienced designers and creative carpenters able to ignore standards of housing. The team even includes Charlie, his son. They use construction equipment that is often dangerous. While recreating a project, the team mentions the budget spent for the materials.

In addition to his work filmed for the show, Pete, together with his family owns and operates Treehouse Point. A sort of an untypical hotel in Washington where a visitor can get a bed and breakfast and escape from the realities of everyday routine life.
Treehouse Masters Season 7

Pete is always ready to show us how getting closer to nature feels for people devoured by the modern world of never-ending work and technologies.

Viewers Attitude

The viewers are fond of Pete’s creations. Each piece is unique because the result will totally depend on the wish of the client. He’s excited about every single piece of work creating the atmosphere and making the show truly entertaining. The viewers also appreciate backstories of people. People like Treehouse Masters because it shows how a child’s passion can grow into a professional business and entertaining job.
Treehouse Masters Season 7

7th Season Air Date

Season 7 of Treehouse Masters hasn’t been announced yet. However, the project is still going and we will notify you when we get more news about the renewals of the show in the nearest future.

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