Trapped Season 2

Are you ready to join the investigation of a very unusual murder? Aren’t you terrified with the horrific on-goings? If you like the genre of a thriller, you are welcome to enjoy a new story in the form of a series created by Baltasar Korm?kur and titled “Trapped”. Now we have only one season at the disposal so far and hope for the renewal.

Brief outline

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The series is reckoned to be an Icelandic TV series in the genre of a thriller. The mysterious story appeared on screens this year, to be more concrete in the middle of February on BBC One. However, primarily the series was brought to streaming in the previous year, particularly in December on the poplar TV channel titled “RUV”.
The immediate creator of the new show is considered to be Baltsaar Kormakur. The star cast comprises such actors and actresses as Olafur Darri Olafsson, Ilmur Kristjansdottir, Ingvar Eggert, and some others.
The main personalities in the behind-the-scenes crew are Baltasar Korm?kur and Sigurj?n Kjartansson. The latter one has written the script of the series, by the way.
RVK Studios is responsible for the shooting of the ten-episode serial. The series was shown for the first time at the Toronto Film Festival at the end of September of the previous year.

Plot summary

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First thing that we should note is that the Icelandic atmosphere is felt immensely in the series. The creators seem to know what they are doing.
One police officer is busy with getting to the bottom of an awful crime committed in the period of the blizzard that happened to the remote a very small Icelandic city. It is a murder, a very unusual case.
The attempts of the police seem to go down the drain. The plot comes to be captivating indeed. The thing is that every episode has a much unexpected ending and viewers get a regular suspense as the plot is twisted in such a way that people can’t even imagine what is going to be next.

When to expect the launch of the new season?

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Taking into account the captivating feature of the plot, it seems that the series has an immense potential. However, the developers have stashed away the series for BBC Four. It deserves to have broadcasts on the prime channels indeed.
Let’s speak a little about the rigorous numbers of the rating. So the debut has counted more than 1.2 million people and then it dropped down to about 1 million. However, if to look at the rating on IMDb, it became clear the common audience has highly appreciated the multipart movie. It constitutes more than 8 points from 10.
People adored the way of directing at various websites commenting the series. There were also a lot of commentaries concerning the charisma of the front character, the police officer. And generally the scenery was dear to the viewers’ taste.
Though the Trapped season 2 release date remains now unknown as well as the possibility of the renewal, we hope that it will appear any announcement or hint about the continuance of the story.


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