Transparent Season 3 Release Date

Transparent Season 3 Release Date


Transparent by the director Jill Soloway is the Story of a transsexual woman and her family. Amazon successfully broadcasted 2 season of this socially acclaimed TV show and it was approved for the third season.

Transparent season 3 release date hasn’t been announced yet and the series is currently in pre-production stage. However, there are suspicions that the third season of Transparent will be released in autumn of 2016 just like the previous 2 seasons did. Also there are no facts about Transparent season 3 release date on Bluray and DVD.


Jeffrey Tambor, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, Gaby Hoffmann, Jay Judith, Gillian Vigman, Rob Hyubel, Henry Simmons, Lawrence Pressman and Sawyer Ever will take part in Transparent season 3 release.


The characters in Transparent season 3 episode have always believed that they have the most ordinary family – mom, dad, kids. All, as expected, no significant deviations. But one day the children will learn that their father – a transsexual. Now they have to learn how to re-build a relationship with him in the light of the opened secret. The tragic Story at first glance looks funny and fun thanks to the humor that permeated the whole family being. And let this grim humor, it helps the heroes cope with a difficult situation.

Interesting Facts

  • The title of the film is a play of words – transparent has the same root as transsexual;
  • Initially Transparent was a pilot of many pilots ordered by Amazon when the heads of the streaming services decided to set foot on the territory of Netflix and ordered several pilot series, selecting them from the thousands of applications sent by professional writers and just spectators;
  • Pilot of Transparent was showed in February of 2014, and as a result of the series gave the go-ahead. In the last days of September have put the whole series, following the example of the TV show Orange is the New Black;
  • Jeffrey Tambor the leading actor in the cast said that it was difficult and most interesting transformation in his life.

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