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Aired originally on Amazon, the new comedy project named as “Transparent” is now getting closer to its third season premiere day which is yet to be defined by the providers. So let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for the news about this serial that is to come from official resources down the road.

Taking a short look at the production issues

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Transparent makes for the successful project though being released relatively in the recent past. The serial presents both a drama and a comedy at once. The serial premiered on the channel called Amazon which co-project studio is responsible for its generation by the way. This debut was held yet in September 2014 following the opening pilot season that became available a half a year before the main premiere. The recent chapter saw the light of day at the close of the antecedent year.
The serial is a payoff of the executives’ leader named specifically Jill Soloway. The acting crew is brilliant and turns to be led by the one and the only Jeffrey Tambor who has been entrusted to perform the part of a central character about which we are to speak now. The number of episodes in each season constitutes 10 parts.

With what story we are dealing here with?

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The story in the serial is reckoned to be reminiscent of the show creator’s family. So this plot is not pulled out of hat being well-grounded indeed.
The serial is thus is narrative of the life on-goings of a common family living in Los Angeles. The ordinary life of family members was fractured to pieces when getting to know that Morton Pfefferman, the head of the family, turns unexpectedly and surprisingly to a transgender changing his real name to Maura Pfefferman. Being shocked by such great and terrible changes and seeming like unwilling to accept the current posture of affairs, the members of this social unit, particularly Mort’s former spouse and their three already adult children, have nothing in the course but to learn how to consort with this transformation as they love him under any circumstances. So will they be capable of accepting this new person in their father?

With regard to ranking issues

Though the screen life of the serial is not so long in its duration, we should confess that the serial has been highly evaluated by critics and common watchers. What was appreciated most of all was magnificent performance together with an elegant manner with which the creators were depicting such a nonsense story of transformation from a man to a woman. The serial has got a The Golden-Globe Award thus proving in such a way its full quality.
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When can we expect the appearance of the third season?

This emotional and yet soulful dramedy has turned to be resumed for the third installment before the debut of the sophomore chapter. But so far we have no confirmation of the Transparent season 3 release date. So it is high time to follow the coming news from the reliable resources.


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