Transparent. Eliza Season 3


Here you can see the story about young woman, who didn’t know how to behave herself. She has beautiful possibilities to live the life fully, but it scares her and she is missed. That serial is available in three seasons, but the last one is really interesting and unusual. The girl, who is the center of the plot is like transparent. Nobody can help her to survive and she was along with her problems.


In the center we can see the play of beautiful actors. Here appeared Jeffrey Tambor as Maura Pfefferman, Gaby Hoffman in the role of Ali Pfefferman, Amy Landecker as Sarah Pfefferman and Jay Duplass as Josh Pfefferman. They are the main heroes. Also here is the following list of actors:

Transparent. Eliza Season 3 date release  

  • Kathryn Hahn as Raquel Fein.
  • Anjelica Huston as Vicki.
  • Alexandra Billings in the role of Davina.
  • Judith Light in the role of Shelly Pfefferman.
  • Alexandra Grey as Elisah Edwards.
  • Lena Waithe as Jane.
  • Ron Funches as Fredrick.
  • J.B. Smoove as Porter.
  • Lateefah Holder in the role of Diamond.
  • Sasheer Zamata in the role of Asra.
  • Julie Brister as Sharon.

The director of the film is talented Jill Soloway. The plot was written and developed by Jill Soloway and Ethan Kuperberg.

Transparent. Eliza Season 3


This serial is some kind of comedy and drama. The main hero is working at LGBT in a suicide hotline. Her name is Maura and her general duty is to receive the calls from young trans woman Elizah. Every day they talk by the phone and at one moment Maura understand, that Elizah need her help and she get to a South Central LA to find a mysterious lady and get her to the hospital. The searching for the girl was rather hard, but Maura reached her aim.

Transparent. Eliza Season 3


The release date of the third series was on 23th of September. As for the duration of one episode, we can say, that it lasts approximately 23 minutes, so it is rather easy to watch episode after episode. The soundtrack to the film was written by Che Borracho.

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