Transparent 2 Season Release Date

Transparent 2 season release date
Transparent 2 season release date was confirmed. Will there be a sequel of the comedy television series from by the Amazon network?
These issues go quite recently on the network and they already have the answer. The Amazon network extended series for a second season releasing all 10 episodes of the first season be September 26, 2014 for one day.
The creator of the show, Jill Nightingale said in an interview that she, together with a network of Amazon expects to release as many as five seasons of the series. She also said that the schedule for the second season of Transparent is already planned out. It compares Transparent with his friend brainchild "Six Feet Under" (2001 – 2005).

Transparent 2 season release date was confirmed

The plot:
Transparent tells the story of how the father of Los Angeles understands that he is a transsexual and tells his secret family. Everything that has happened with this change put the whole family on its head while opening many new mysteries.

Transparent 2 season release date is autumn 2015.
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