Training Day Season 1

Training Day Season 1 Release Date


Training Day is a crime drama with lots of thriller elements. That serial was created and produced in America, so lots of people will be interested in it. The season premiere was on the year of 2001 and now the Story continuation is already available. The Training Day 1 Season release date is the December of the year of 2016.


The Main cast of Actors consists of such talented and experienced people, as:

  • Denzel Washington.
  • Ethan Hawke.
  • Scott Glenn.
  • Tom Berenger.
  • Harris Yulin.
  • Raymond J. Barry.
  • Cliff Curtis.

The director of the serial is Antoine Fuqua. The producers are David Ayer, Bruce Berman, Davis Guggenheim, Robert F. Newmyer, Susan E. Novick, Jeffrey Silver, Scott Strauss, David Wisnievitz. The editor is Conrad Buff IV.


The Main idea of this film is to present the everyday life of Los Angeles Police Department. Here the Main character is the man by the name of Jake Hoyt. He tried to be evaluated by Detective Alonso, who is the specialist by narcotics. But that was not an easy thing or him.

One day he was riding Alonso`s car when he noticed a street gang. He confiscated the drugs and said, Jake to smoke it. Alonso has the aim to refuse the danger of such things, so Jake must just overcome the exam.

An old friend of the police officer is a drug dealer, but now he works with him in the police department. Together they try to struggle with the street bandits and they believe, that with help of this two officers the streets will become safe and less dangerous. Of course, here is the piece of truth, but you know, that it is so hard to watch the new bandits and group, who are the professional narcotic dealers.


This serial wouldn’t be dull for people, who like to watch the films with unusual plots. A lot of exciting events took place here and you will like it episode by episode. Pay a great attention, that this serial was created for adults only, so enjoy it without children.

The new episode has a huge running time – 122 minutes. So we can compare this serial to the film. But you can be sure, that each episode will amaze you and you will have a great wish to see the continuation of the Story.

The season air date if an important information, because it will help to understand when the serial was launched.

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