Trailer Park Boys Season 11


Trailer Park Boys is a popular TV series that tells the story of a group of people who live in Trailer Park. Some of the residences used to be in jail. The place of actions is fictional.

Barrie Dunn released that it was possible to make a great TV series because of the significant success of the feature film in 1999. Barrie and others creators gather together to started to work on the first season containing thirteen episodes.

Trailer Park Boys Season 11 date release


The cast of the series consist of many great actors, including:

  • George Green,
  • Jim Swansburg,
  • Sam Tarasco,
  • Linda Busby,
  • Bernard Robichaud,
  • Brian Huggins,
  • Mio Adilman,
  • Richard Collins,
  • Sebastian Bach,
  • Rasheed Montgomery,
  • Marguerite McNeil,
  • Nobu Adilman,
  • Leigh MacInnis,
  • Mike O’Neill,
  • Daniel Lillford,
  • David Rossetti,
  • Candy Palmater.

Trailer Park Boys Season 11


This is the story about friends Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles who often get arrested and then released from jail. The men constantly experience failure due to weak planning. Each time the scheme seems to be good and the men’s future looks promising.  But everything is not that great and they can learn what mistakes they have made through the next season. Fans of the series get used to watching how one of the character or all of them is getting arrested over and over again.

Every character of the series has the own trait. For instance, Julian likes being the leader and thinking through the plan. He constantly holds rum & Coke drink. The character named Ricky thinks that he is not clever and often seeks for Julian’s piece of advice. This character is pretty simple and uses sideburns as an own trademark. The character of Bubbles always uses spectacles magnifying his eyes. He has lots of cats and always worries about Julian’s and Ricky’s fights. Jim is the supervisor of Trailer park. He is rarely sober. He likes using the word “shit” in his speeches. Randy, the lover of Jim, does not wear a short for most of the time. Men often make jokes on him about his big gut and love for cheeseburgers.

Trevor and Cory adore Julian and Ricky and try to help them without suspecting that they will simply be scapegoats when the things of Julian and Ricky go wrong.

Trailer Park Boys Season 11


The film is about the real life of J. P. Tremblay and R. Wells. The series became extremely popular in many countries.

A number of famous artists took a part in the show, including Brian Vollmer, Alex Lifeson, Rita MacNeil, Sebastian Bach, and Denny Doherty.

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