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Tracks is a TV series, which will amaze you by Interesting plot and people, who will appear here. The season premiere was on September this year and the second one is already available for you. The Tracks 2 Season release date is the 18th of September in the year of 2016.


In the cast, you will see the only one person by the name Shad Moss. He is the narrator and you will estimate, that he is a really good man from the first episodes of the Story.

The series is produced by Chase Fleming, Michael Agbabian, Christina Aguilera, Michael Aubry, Jeff Bobbs, Matthew D. Rutler, Dwight D. Smith, Neal Tabachnick. The sound checker is Danny McCullough and the casting manager is Shanae Humphrey.


This show has the game format and it will show you the new team of contestants, who just try to guess the songs while listening to each of them. Each time two contestants just try to win the Main price. The songs can be single instrumental or it can be a vocal track. They are always focused on one of the components, so it is rather a hard task to estimate, what is the title and who sings it.

Song-guessing show of such character will be very Interesting for people, who are ready to make different and unusual things in order to get the price and to become a winner.

Very often just an ordinary people took part in such competition, but sometimes you will have an opportunity to see the stars. It is so exciting to see, how complicated for them it is to name the songs of their colleges. So, if you want to have fun and to spend your time with great and unforgettable pleasure, you must see the two seasons in order to get your mood up.


To be honest, shows of such parameter will be Interesting for people of all the ages and different social status. You will have a great opportunity to watch it in your free time, so if you do it, you will see, how the time flows and the emotions will be the purest.

The running time is not so big, so each new episode wouldn’t be a real problem for you.

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Tracks Hosted By Bow Wow Premieres Thursday 10:30/9:30c on SPIKE

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