Top of the Lake 2 Season Release Date

Top of the Lake 2 season release
Top of the Lake 2 season release was officially announced. The fans will eventually see the sequel of the great TV show – Top of the Lake.
What to expect from the crime thriller made by BBC 2? Top of the Lake became one of the most notable breakthroughs in television over the past five years and many of the audience for a long time looking for answers in the network of the new season.
The plot:
The Oscar-winning director Jane Campion once again teaming up with writer Gerard Lee to work on the drama of New Zealand. In the first season of Top of the Lake starred Elisabeth Moss as a detective who investigates the strange thing disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl.

Top of the Lake 2 season release was officially announced

Elisabeth Moss won a Golden Globe for her role in the series and he was nominated for eight Emmy Awards, winning for Best Cinematography on a television movie or miniseries.

Top of the Lake 2 season release is Spring of 2015.
Did you like the first season? Was it worth watching and waiting for the second one?

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