Top Gear Season 23

The great news is going now to produce cheer for the fans of a legendary show. Top Gear is scheduled to be aired again on the BBC Two channel in May.

What is the show about?

Top Gear has been considered for many years now to be one of the well-loved technical series that is found on a like-named serialized television program about automobiles that began to appear on TV screens in a far-off 1977 year. The hosts of the program carry out unusual reviews in a manner attractive for viewers and the special research-pilot nicknamed “The Stig” is conducting test drives of different motorcars. The Stig was a kind of a special character in a racy outfit who was also conducting instruction for one of the program’s sections called “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car”.
Top Gear Season 23 Tom
The places of filming differed from one episode to another.  According to the statistics, each episode was viewed by over 300 million people throughout the entire world. It premiered as far back as in 2002. During this long period the show was obtaining step by step a more controversial, jocular, and politically biting format.

Top Gear Season 22 delay: unofficial reasons

Primarily the hosts of this popular program were Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. However, after Jeremy’s deprivation season 22 broadcast was put to an end at the episode 7. The remaining part of the season is expected to appear on the screens in the near future according to the BBC announcement. However, the future is a very loose concept.  Some time after this announcement, the channel noted that these three episodes would be shortened to a special film that would last more than an hour. The broadcast date was appointed for June 28, 2015. Among Top Gear hosts there would be only two. Of course. It was Jeremy who was pulled out.
Top Gear Season 23 Scene
If to believe the rumors, Jeremy Clarkson was put aside by the BBC controllers for cuffing one of the producers of the show. His show companions and the producer Andy Wilman also left the project after that incident. At that moment, however, it was unknown whether Top Gear reappearance was possible. One thing couldn’t be doubted in any case: the hosts and the format would be different if the show managed to be recovered.

Season 23:  the anticipated recovery of the show

At the end of the last year it was announced that Top Gear season 23 date release is appointed for May 8, 2016. However, the good news is going to crush us further. The thing is that the new season is expected to include 16 episodes. As it has been expected earlier, the viewers of the BBC will watch a new version of the show with a new host named Chris Evans, a popular host of breakfast television on the BBC, who has already signed a contract. It is also known that some parts of the series have been shot in the United States of America.
There is nothing to do but wait whether a new season will meet the demands of viewers spoilt by the humorous manner of Clarkson.

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