Too Close to Home Season 2

Too Close to Home is a drama TV series created and released in the USA. The author the original script and the director of the project is Tyler Perry. He also acts as the executive producer of the series. The first season release date is the 22nd of August 2016. The release was carried out by TLC. Too Close to Home is the first TLC’s scripted drama series. Too Close to Home season 2 release date has already been announced for the upcoming year, read further for more info on the release.

Too Close to Home was officially ordered in spring of 2016. In the end of summer, 2016 the channel made the official announcement about the release of the series with all white cast. However, the cast is pretty diverse. Danielle Savre portrays the main character of the series. Heather Locklear together with Matt Battaglia appear as guests.

 Too Close to Home Season 2 date release 


The central character of the series is a young female named, Anna. She originated from a working class family. She leads her usual routine life until she accidentally gets into a romantic relationship with the President of the USA. It provokes a serious scandal on the political level. The scandal brings more and more troubles with every new episode. She struggles to change her life for the better, but it never works and she decides to get back to her old lifestyle.

Too Close to Home Season 2

Cast & Characters

  • Danielle Savre portrays the character of a woman working in the White House named Annie Belle Hayes and referred to as simply Anna. She’s got a secret that she tries to hide. However, everything she’s been trying to hide for so long slowly started to come to light. When her secret is finally revealed, she has to get back to her motherland in Alabama.
  • Brock O’Hurn portrays the character of Anna’s ex love interest named Brody Allen. He has a crush on Bonnie, elder sister of Anna.
  • Kelly Sullivan portrays Anna’s elder sister named Bonnie Hayes. She’s very caring and truly loves her sister taking care of daughter of Anna named Rebel. Except for Rebel, she also has to take care of her mom and the son of their youngest sister named Mac.
  • Brad Benedict portrays a half-brother of Brody.
  • Brooke Anne Smith portrays the youngest sister of Anna named Shelby Hayes. She’s addicted to alcohol and drugs. Her son’s name is Mac.
  • Alpha Trivette portrays the father of Brody named Doctor Allen. He’s suffering from dementia.
  • Trisha Rae Stahl portrays the mother of Anna Shelby and Bonnie. She’s obese.
  • Robert Craighead portrays the character of a local sheriff named Mobley.
  • Annie Thrash portrays the daughter of Anna named Rebel.
  • Curran Walters portrays a teen son of Shelby named Mac.

Too Close to Home Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

Finally! The show has been released for one season more to be aired in 2017. Too Close to Home will be released on the 4th of January 2017.

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