Tomorrow When the War Began Season 2

What is the future of the new series entitled as Tomorrow When the War Began? Can we hope for another chapter? Surely, we can, as there is still much material to bring it into TV life.

Production Info

The series for discussion today is Tomorrow When the War Began, an action drama in its core. The background of the story is the award-winning Tomorrow book series penned by John Marsden.
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This Australian drama comes to be developed by such executives as Matthew Street and Kim Vecera who are working for Ambience Entertainment.
The acting cast comes to be composed of such names as Molly Daniels, Narek Amman, Jon Prasida, Madeleine Clunies-Ross, Madeleine Madden, Andrew Creer, Fantine Banulski, and Keith Purcell.
The first season that is available now has premiered this spring if to be concrete enough in April 2016. The first chapter includes six episodes.
The first series roughly chronicles the events covered in the first novel of the series. It contains six episodes and premiered on ABC3 AU.

Plot Summary

The available six episodes are covering the first novel from the book series. Coming back from summer vacations at camps, the teenagers find themselves in a deserted town, which has been their home. What has happened to the town and its citizens?
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It turns out that Australia has been invaded by hostile powers. Now, all residents are imprisoned.
Now they should hide in order to be caught by soldiers from the enemy army. They are among those very few free Australians. They should unite their forces and release the prisoners. In which way can they do it? The characters will find how to face this challenge.

What are Rating Figures?

The series can boast only average rating figures. The core on IMDb constitutes 7 points out of 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes it equals only 64%. The reception on Metacritic is even less – only 54%.
As for the viewership, it is low in fact hardly reaching 0.2 million watchers. Such pessimistic atmosphere cannot influence the decision of developers whether the continue producing the series or not, as the there is still material that should be presented to TV watchers.
Among points of criticism, we should mention the poor performance, as well as the lack of the intrigue that exists in the book series. Thus, the book fans are not satisfied with the TV series. Can the developers improve the situation?
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Is the Series Renewed or Canceled?

The release of the freshman season has not shown that we can hope for the appearance of another chapter. We have no confirmation of the launch of the next second installment. The resumption is not probable yet possible. That’s why we should wait for official news that can be around the corner.
Certainly, there is no expecting the exposal of the Tomorrow When the War Began season 2 release date in this year. Nevertheless, stay tuned as any kind info can appear.


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