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Practically a year ago, the latest chapter of Toast of London was launched. Now it is time to give a start to a new installment yet the team of creators is hesitating. Can we expect the future release or the cancellation is much more probable? What are chances of renewal? Let’s revise all these issues in this post.

Basic Info

What should we know of this project first of all is that it is a scripted comedy by British production airing on Channel 4. The distribution has been held since October 2012. The latest third debut was held in the previous November and since then we have heard nothing from the creative team regarding the comedy future.
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As for the creators, we cannot but enlist such names as Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry. Objective Productions is the company behind fabrication. The acting crew is composed of such names as Matt Berry, Doon Mackichan, Robert Bathurst, and Harry Peacock.

Plot Summary

Steven Toast, a self-important actor and ladies’ man, cannot boast that he has much luck in life. Everything is always turned upside down in his fate. This, however, does not prevent him from being of a high opinion of himself. The scripted story follows his constant life misadventures.
A certain company surrounds him including Jane Plough, Toast’s useless agent; Ed Howzer-Black his perverted fellow; and Ray Purchase, his homophobic actor-rival. There are also some other unusual characters, as they accompany him throughout his life of a screen actor, who add some spice to the story.

Feedback from the Audience

The depiction is given in a caricatured manner; and while watching, you feel sometimes distracted due to the gems being in each line. That is the first disadvantage of the story, and maybe the last one, in fact.
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The series is hilarious with a brilliant performance of actors. Various awards have been won, as of today. For instance, Matt Berry won the BAFTA award for “Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme” in 2015.
This can induce thoughts in our minds that the show has a strong potential with healthy scores. On IMDb, for instance, it constitutes 8.2 points out of 10. How do the renewal matters stand, by the way? Has something been heard?

No News Regarding the Series Future

The series is full of fresh and crazy jokes that are as sharp as razors’ edge sometimes. The show should be given more chances – this statement cannot be doubted. Nevertheless, the situation is such that the supposed launch timeframe is coming and we have no confirmations both of the resumption and the Toast of London season 4 release date consequently.
What should we expect? Is the cancellation possible? How do you feel personally? What is your general attitude towards the project? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments below this post. We will be much pleased to receive your feedback, as your opinion is of vital importance to us!


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