Tierras Mexicanas. De Compras Release Date

Tierras Mexicanas. De Compras Release Date


That story will be interesting for people of different ages because here we can see a lot of exciting moments. Producer, director, and actors have a good work on it, so now everybody can enjoy it at all. Besides, it is a good serial for an everyday watch with friends and relatives.


Here we must underline a great actors list:

  • Gabriella Spanik.
  • Saul Lisaso.
  • Ektor Suarez.
  • Katrine Siashoke.
  • Francisco Gattorno.
  • Ellis Perasa.
  • Ariel Lopes Padilia.
  • Sergio Catalan.
  • Ricardo Chaves.
  • Isabel Moreno.

And, of course, we mustn’t forget about the producers – Leonardo Galavis, Luis Manzo and Freddie Trujilio.


The events took place in the beautiful valley. It is an unforgettable place for two main characters of the film. Here we can enjoy the romantic side of the film. One of the main characters is a girl with a great talent. Her soul is very strong, so she can overcome a lot of love experiences. But, despite her good character, she had a lot of problems with her father. He paid money for one beautiful man and propose him to marry his daughter. The only thing, he had thought of, was to make a great future with lots of money.

Her future husband is a man, who lost his wife and become a widower.  Now he has the son, who love him very much. But the girl didn’t think about the future – she believes, that they would live happily together. One day she understood everything about her father and he didn’t know what to do.


Such serial will be interesting for watching because here are a lot of series, in which there are different life moments. Here you can find the favorite character, who have a great play. Also, you must pay attention, that it is the first season, so the most interesting events will be in nearest future. The release date of the serial “Tierras Mexicanas. De Compras” is the 6th December 2016.

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